A Cup of Peace

Marie Wilson Blog - A Cup of Peace

"The quieter you become, the more you can hear." --Anonymous

But first coffee.... or tea. A warm drink is a nurturing addition to grounding your body. Whether it starts our day or ends it. It's a way to check in with our thoughts and our heart.... and listen.

Time and comfort is a simple gift to ourselves that connects us to our soul. When we take just a few minutes everyday to truly listen, we feel grounded, clear, and confident in our choices. And that is what brings in the joy and satisfaction to our days.

Have you ever heard that little voice inside when it told you to avoid a certain driving route? But you ignored it.....and then wished to had listened. Or when you had a plan to go somewhere, but you kept hitting obstacles like a phone call or misplaced keys or a friend stops by. Then when you finally arrive where you wanted to go, the person you were meeting had to reschedule or the item you were looking for was no longer available. That's when you start listening more and going with the flow of life.

We are so fortunate to be living in a time when we have so much information and opportunities available, but we can't lose sight of the information that is available within us. Life seems to be a constant balancing act and it never ends. Which is why we need to be gentler and nurturing to ourselves first so we enjoy the people and the moments in our day.

So... let's slow down. Listen. And welcome our day ahead.

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