The Beauty of Travel

Marie Wilson Blog - The Beauty of Travel

As I'm sitting at my desk planning my upcoming trip to New York, I started questioning why I love traveling so much. To be honest, it's always fun exploring new places and disconnecting from our routines. Letting go of the responsibilities of everyday, and discovering how to explore and play like a kid again is just plain fun. Those are the types of memories we look back on and wish for more.

It's also a great way to spark our enthusiasm and open ourselves to new experiences because we are present. We are fully in the now. When we forget about our past and not worry about our future, we create such satisfying moments that feed our souls.

Marie Wilson Blog - The Beauty of Travel

There are so many places to excite everyone depending on your interests. My love of nature has taken me to places like the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, where I was able to see a different perspective to life, and appreciate how magical this planet is. New York has always inspired unlimited ideas and the passion to fully embrace life. After all, it is the city that doesn't sleep. Europe has connected me to people's "differences" by affirming we are all the same at our core, even when we can't speak the same language.

So whether it's a one-day flight around the world or a one-hour drive out of town, changing our environment opens us up to so many possibilities. It's truly my food for my soul. So, what's your favorite escape?

Marie Wilson Blog - The Beauty of Travel

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